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Nullsoft Winamp

Plugin Features:
• Play back mp3PRO files and streams on your Winamp player.

Plugin Data:
• for Nullsoft's Winamp
• tested on Winamp Versions 2.75 and 2.76. Please note: due to changes in the Winamp 3.0 interface the mp3PPRO plugin does not work with Winamp 3.0.
NEW Plugin Version: 1.2
• Filesize: 225 KB

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Changes since version 1.1
• bugfix for showing file duration in playlists
• general speed improvements for mp3PRO decoding

Changes since version 1.0
• complexity reductions
• added option to ignore CRC checking (enabled by default)
• improved accuracy of time slider for ID3v2 tagged files
• added option to enable SHOUT-/ICE-Cast title streaming
• show playback time of streams in title

Changes since version 0.98b5 BETA
• complexity reductions
• using Nullsoft's original file editor capabilities
• bugfix for disabling the plugin for .mp3 files
• bugfix for Xing-VBR Header reading
• workaround for playlists with invalid entries

French version:
Une version française (1.0) est disponible sur www.winampfr.com

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